How to Install a Service Contract

Follow these steps to install the contract service using the mobile application:

  1. Log In:

    • Open the mobile application and log in with your account credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Services Section:

    • From the bottom menu of the application, tap on the "Services" section.

  3. View Available Services:

    • You will see a list of available services. Browse through the list to find the service you need. (Fig.1)

  4. Select the Desired Service:

    • Tap on the "Show More" button for the desired service to enter its page.

  5. Choose Your Device:

    • On the next page, you will see a list of your installed devices as well as devices shared by other users. (Fig.2)

    • Select the device you want to associate with the service.

  6. Install the Service:

    • After selecting the device, click the "Install Service" button.

  7. Confirmation:

    • You will now see your installed service listed in the "Services" section of the application. (Fig.3)

By following these steps, you can successfully install the contract service on your selected device using the mobile application.

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