How to Reset E-Card

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Reset Instructions for the Sensor E-Card

To reset your sensor E-card, please follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Reset Push-Button and LED Indicator:

    • Identify the reset push-button and the LED indicator on your E-card. The reset push-button is typically a small, tactile button, and the LED is usually nearby.

  2. Initial Button Press:

    • Press and hold the reset push-button on the E-card.

    • Keep holding the button until you observe the LED on the E-card flashing rapidly. This indicates that the E-card is preparing for the reset process.

  3. Hold for 10 Seconds:

    • Once the LED starts flashing rapidly, continue to hold the push-button for an additional 10 seconds.

    • Do not release the button during this period, as doing so will interrupt the reset process.

  4. Release the Button:

    • After holding the push-button for 10 seconds, release it.

    • The LED may flash or change its pattern to indicate that the reset process is complete.

  5. Confirmation:

    • Wait a few moments for the E-card to complete its reset cycle.

    • The E-card should now be reset to its default settings. You may observe the LED returning to a steady state or another pattern indicating normal operation.


  • Ensure that the E-card is powered on during the reset process.

  • If the reset does not seem to work, repeat the process carefully, ensuring each step is followed precisely.

By following these steps, your sensor E-card should be successfully reset.

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